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                 The film of the event can be seen here on our YouTube channel.
<![CDATA[Dream of setting fire to previous home and then falling into swimming pool, told at workshop at 37th annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, 15th June 2021]]>Wed, 16 Jun 2021 14:52:21 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/dream-of-setting-fire-to-previous-home-and-then-falling-into-swimming-pool-told-at-workshop-at-37th-annual-conference-of-the-international-association-for-the-study-of-dreams-15th-june-2021
A dream that depicts positive transitions in waking life.

I am at the home where I used to live, it is a 1970s light blue Mercedes people-carrier truck. I go up the wooden stairs into the truck. It has wooden walls, all the same as it was back then, when I lived there with my ex-partner and his daughter. My ex-partner and daughter are there but not clearly, but like light rather than shadows. I tidy the place up as I am going to transition there, I am excited about this. I am going to burn down the home, with me inside, and I tell them to go outside. I pour petrol all around and have a large yellow box of "Cook's matches", I am about to strike a match. I hesitate due to fear of it hurting me, but then think that it won’t hurt as it is a dream. Despite being apprehensive I strike the match and the flames get close to me, on my flesh. There is then a change of scene and I am next to an outside large blue swimming pool, it is very sunny with tropical foliage around. I walk along the side of the pool and around it. I am wearing a pink cotton dress, which I actually had when I was 16. I want to jump into the water but have to set up my camera so that I can document it, to show proof of it to my friends. But before I can get ready I fall backwards into the pool and drop down deeply in the water. I slip out of my body and see myself weightless under the blue water. I then suddenly wake up.
<![CDATA[Dream of being alone outside at night and threatened, told at workshop for American Psychological Association (Division 39), 22nd May 2021]]>Wed, 16 Jun 2021 14:49:54 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/dream-of-being-alone-outside-at-night-and-threatened-22nd-may-2021
I am outside the house where I live. As in waking life, there is the row of houses, a board fence, street, and a row of pine and spruce trees. It is night-time, 2 to 3 am. There are no streetlights or shadows. I am on my own and walk along the fence, the usual walk I do with my dog but my dog isn’t with me. I see two Hispanic men, walking in the same direction as me. They are about 100 feet apart from each other but are together, the one in front is older. I can’t see their faces, they have non-descript brownish or tannish clothing. Their hands are in their pockets, both are looking at the ground and not paying attention to me. Suddenly they are both in front of me, one has his hand over my mouth and I know that I will be assaulted. I wake in panic.   


As with all our events, Julia Lockheart chose the pages from Freud's book The Interpretation of Dreams to paint on while the dream was first being told. The choice of pages was on the basis of the shapes of the paragraphs and text. During the painting process Julia found words by Freud on the pages that were relevant to the dream, and she incorporated them as objet trouvé into the artwork:

I am walking in the street
the male    the hand    the female   by the mouth
imperatively forced upon
the symbol of a man
the dream of a young woman
her fear
This use of objet trouvé, a characteristic of dadaism and surrealism, is discussed in our forthcoming article in the International Journal of Dream Research.
<![CDATA[Dream of a menacing man and fight at party, told during an event for foundation to counselling students, Goldsmiths, University of London, 25th March 2021]]>Fri, 26 Mar 2021 13:52:41 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/dream-of-a-menacing-man-and-fight-at-party-told-during-an-event-for-counselling-students-goldsmiths-university-of-london-25th-march-2021
Dream told by a foundation to counselling course student: I am with someone at a sombre party in a rather run-down Georgian-type house. Everyone is dressed formally, the house has wood-panelled walls. I meet a menacing man who I know, he has ruddy cheeks. A fight starts and I run down a corridor to get away. 
<![CDATA[Dora's dream of travelling to her father's funeral, told to Freud at the end of 1900. Online event, 31st January 2021.]]>Mon, 01 Feb 2021 17:07:32 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/doras-dream-of-travelling-to-her-fathers-funeral-told-to-freud-at-the-end-of-1900-online-event-31st-january-2021
This is the second dream that Dora told Freud. It is a dream of independence, as well as of concern for her father.

Our panel of experts plus a worldwide audience participated in a discussion of the second dream that Dora told Freud, and watched a painting of the dream being made by Julia Lockheart. In the dream Dora is living away from her parents in a town and receives a letter to say that her father has died. She goes past woods to try to get to a railway station, and is then at the family home. While the funeral is happening Dora is in her room and reads a large encyclopaedia-like book.

In her free-associations she tells of a young man she knows who has gone to a German town to work, of instances where she has preferred to be on her own, and of her worries for her father’s health. The dream occurred just before Dora suddenly stopped seeing Freud, which might be relevant to the theme in the dream of an older man dying. The full text of the dream and Dora’s associations are below.
In the painting Julia chose two pages from The Interpretation of Dreams that allowed for the five scenes to be depicted. As usual, by chance words that Freud wrote are relevant and are incorporated into the artwork. For example, in the woods, ‘the strange man in the dream’,  ‘return home’, and ‘dead father’, and, above the stairs at the family home, ‘former household’.      
The second dream (Freud. 1905, Fragments of an analysis of a case of hysteria (‘Dora’), Pelican Freud Library, vol.8, pp.133-134): I was walking about in a town which I did not know. I saw streets and squares which were strange to me. Then I came into a house where I lived, went to my room, and found a letter from Mother lying there. She wrote saying that as I had left town without my parents' knowledge she had not wished to write to me to say that Father was ill. "Now he is dead and if you like you can come." I then went to the station and asked about a hundred times: "Where is the station?" I always got the answer: "Five minutes." I then saw a thick wood before me which I went into and there I asked a man whom I met. He said to me: "Two and a half hours more." He offered to accompany me. But I refused and went alone. I saw the station in front of me and could not reach it. At the same time I had the usual feeling of anxiety that one has in dreams when one cannot move forward. Then I was at home. I must have been travelling in the meantime, but I know nothing about that. I walked into the porter's lodge, and enquired for our flat. The maidservant opened the door to me and replied that Mother and the others were already at the cemetery.  
In the next session Dora made two additions: ‘I saw myself particularly distinctly going up the stairs,’ and ‘After she had answered I went to my room, but not the least sadly, and began reading a big book that lay on my writing-table.’ (footnote, p.134.) 
Dora’s associations were:
  • Strange town, streets, square and monument: At Christmas, a few days before, Dora had been sent an album of views of a German health-resort, including a square with a monument in it, and on the day before the dream had shown it to relatives. It was from a young engineer she knew who had gone there to work ‘so as to become sooner self-supporting’ (p.135), and who wrote often to her.
  • Wandering around a strange town: On the day before the dream she had, ‘with complete indifference’, shown a visiting young cousin around Vienna. This visit reminded her of her own first brief visit to Dresden, where she wandered alone, including to the picture gallery, and declined a male cousin’s offer to be her guide. At the gallery she remained two hours in front of a painting of the Madonna, ‘rapt in silent admiration.’
  • She had seen her father look tired and ill at a family gathering the previous evening and wondered how long he would live.
  • At the family gathering she had been impatient with her mother and had exclaimed that she had asked her ‘a hundred times’ for the key for the drinks sideboard, to get brandy to help her father to sleep.   
  • Letter: She had once written a suicide letter to her parents. The letter in the dream had the same phrase (‘if you like’) that was in a letter from Frau K. inviting the family to their house by the lake.
  • The thick wood and a man: The shore of the lake where she had had the scene with Herr K. had a wood like in the dream, and after the scene with Herr K. she had spoken to a man there for directions to walk home round the lake. He said it would take ‘Two and a half hours’ and so she went back by boat with Herr K. She had also seen a painting with a thick wood and nymphs at the gallery the day before.
  • Regarding arriving at her parent’s house where ‘she went calmly to her room, and began reading a big book that lay on her writing-table’ (p.140), she said that the book was ‘in encyclopaedia format,’ and she remembered that when a boy cousin of Dora’s had fallen dangerously ill with appendicitis, ‘Dora had thereupon looked up in the encyclopaedia to see what the symptoms of appendicitis were.’ (p.141.) She said that later, when her aunt who she was fond of had died, she had pain in her abdomen like the symptoms of appendicitis she had read about.
<![CDATA[Dora's dream of being rescued from a burning house, told to Freud in late 1900. Swansea Science Festival event, 24th October 2020]]>Sun, 25 Oct 2020 20:50:43 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/doras-dream-of-being-rescued-from-a-burning-house-told-to-freud-in-late-1900-swansea-science-festival-event-24th-october-2020
A house was on fire. My father was standing beside my bed and woke me up. I dressed quickly. Mother wanted to stop and save her jewel-case; but Father said “I refuse to let myself and my two children be burnt for the sake of your jewel-case.” We hurried downstairs, and as soon as I was outside I woke up.

The above dream first occurred in 1898, when Dora was 15 years old and she was propositioned by an older married man who was a friend of the family and with whose wife, Frau K., Dora's father was having an affair. The dream occurred on each of the four nights following the proposition. The man was anonymised as Herr K. by Freud in his 1905 case study on Dora. Freud stated that the meaning of the dream was: ‘This man is persecuting me, he wants to force his way into my room. My “jewel-case” is in danger….’  The dream seems to depict Dora’s wish that she would be rescued from the danger by her father.
Dora, the pseudonym used by Freud for the young woman, now known to be Ida Bauer, then had the dream again a few weeks after starting psychoanalysis with Freud, near the end of 1900. For more details, see our chapter https://psyarxiv.com/379kz/.
At the top left of the painting Julia has depicted the spa town of Merano, where Dora / Ida lived with her family and where the K. family also lived. As occurs in our DreamsID events, for painting on, Julia chooses pages from Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams with regard to the shapes of the paragraphs, but then during the painting finds words on the page that are often uncannily relevant to the dream. Note the words ‘female genitals’ appearing twice under the jewel-case, ‘boyish’ in Dora’s brother’s head, ‘17’, at the bottom left, her age at starting to see Freud, ‘was night  room in which dressing to go’, and, most eerie of all, ‘Fräulein K.’ in her mother’s head!
The aim of the Science Festival event was to look at the case study not in how it is often taken, as a criticism of Freud, but to emphasise solely the dream, Dora’s free-associations, and the historical events of Dora’s life, so as to honour her strength and life, and the poignant depiction by the dream of her life at that time. The words highlighted ‘deserves to be recorded in detail  dream’, at the top right-hand side, are therefore relevant, as although there is much in dispute in the case study, we are grateful that the dream was recorded by Freud after she discussed it with him.
The event at which this dream was discussed was part of the Swansea Science Festival and had a large number of attendees worldwide online, and panel members from London (Dany Nobus), Harvard Medical School (Deirdre Barrett), Vienna (Brigitte Holzinger and Zora Wessely), Swansea, and, from Germany, writer Katharina Adler, author of the novel Ida, and great-grand-daughter of Dora / Ida Bauer.

The film of the event can be seen on our YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/ilbPU_TGeVg.
The film of the dream being read by Dr Brigitte Holzinger at the Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna, which was Freud's apartment and offices where Dora / Ida first told the dream to Freud, can be seen on our YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/kkMMeSo1ndk.        
<![CDATA[Lockdown dream of walking alone, avoiding natural danger, then waltzing with friends, 4th July 2020]]>Tue, 07 Jul 2020 12:14:11 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/lockdown-dream-of-walking-alone-avoiding-natural-danger-then-waltzing-with-friends-4th-july-2020
I am walking alone in the country, trying to get to a village. I am wearing a red skirt and red jacket. The short route to the village isn't possible as the sea is coming over the path. The longer route is difficult, and involves climbing and takes energy. I go across a thin rope-and-wood bridge, and ignore the advice of a group of people who I don't know to take the dangerous short route. I am alone and look at the remote village.
I am then at my destination, in a big hall, the sort of venue a wedding would be held in. My friend P is there, she is wearing a thin black dress and tells me her favourite music is the waltz. She tells me my friends are going to be there and a crowd of people start dancing to a waltz.

In the discussion the dreamer spoke of her life as an artist under Lockdown, how she cannot go to her art studio, that she has had to put off a trip to see a friend in Paris, and that her plans with P for buying a house in France have been put on hold, that hoped-for house would be a place for music.
In the discussion we and the online participants remarked on how the dream has two halves, one of being alone, even with a bridge for one person at a time crossing, and one of being with friends, dancing.

<![CDATA[Dream of finding baby in Victorian pram, and finding mother has died in baby car seat. Dream shared, discussed and painted as online event for the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London, 27th June 2020]]>Sun, 28 Jun 2020 11:01:24 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/dream-of-finding-baby-in-victorian-pram-and-finding-mother-has-died-in-baby-car-seat-dream-shared-discussed-and-painted-as-online-event-for-the-centre-for-counselling-and-psychotherapy-education-london-27th-june-2020
Dream told at event organised by the Dream Research Institute at the Center for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London.
I look out of my bedroom window on a sunny day and see traffic on the road outside. It is a busy road with shops opposite and a post office on the corner, with a red post box. I go outside and cross the road to see a Victorian pram with a lacy white sunroof and a white frilly quilt. It is blocking the pavement, and not parked safely. There is a baby girl in the pram, dressed in a pink dress. She appears well looked after, but I think ‘where is her mother?’ I then see my mother in a baby car seat, in the road, it has a sunroof and my mother is small, the right size for the child seat. She is dressed in her everyday clothes with a blue cloth, like a dusting cloth, over her face. She is not moving and I think she is asleep. I know it is dangerous for her and the car seat to be in the road.
I am then at a man’s house, in his wealthy farmhouse-type kitchen. It has lots of wood, and an oak table, with pots and pans hanging and horseshoes on the wall, and a coffee table. He is my intended partner, my love, but his ex-wife is there as well. I am having a friendly discussion with her, she is lovely, and I get on well with her and feel love for her. I ask my intended partner, ‘are you sure you want to leave her?’, and he nods yes, indicating that there is something wrong with her, or not right between them, and that he is no longer with her.
I then go back to my house. In the road there is the child’s car seat, which has been pushed into the gutter. I can’t see fully inside it because of the sunroof but I can see my mother’s tan coloured skirt and brown top, she still has the blue cloth over her face. I have been waiting all day for her to wake up but now realise that she has died. I then hear the baby crying. I know that my mother is the baby’s mother. I pick up the baby to look after her, all the while having a sinking grief feeling about my mother having died. But the baby is giggling, she is happy to see me, and so I take her into my house. She tries to feed on my right breast but I have no milk. My 12-year-old daughter is there and she asks if the baby is ours. I am smiling and thinking that, as the baby has no mother, we can keep her.
<![CDATA[Lockdown dream of parental home, a playful golden monkey, and painting on a black remote control box. Dream told, discussed and painted online, in event organised by the Department of Design, Goldsmiths, University of London, 19th June 2020.]]>Fri, 19 Jun 2020 19:19:27 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/lockdown-dream-of-parental-home-a-playful-golden-monkey-and-painting-on-a-black-remote-control-box
Dream of an art and design student who had chosen at the start of the Covid-19 Lockdown not to go back to her home, where her parents live, but instead to go to live with her boyfriend and his parents.
I was walking down the short garden path to the back door of my home, where I lived all my life before university and where my parents live. I went in through the back door but know that it is a female teacher's house, I am unsure who she is, and I knew I should not be there. It looked exactly the same as my family home; a fairly small house in a village in the country. As I walked through the hall to the front of the house, I noticed a very small monkey, about 2 or 3 inches in height following me. It was gold or some kind of metal, but it moved as a live monkey would. I remember feeling worried about it, like it was going to alert the homeowner or attack me, but soon I found out that it was not a threat and that it just wanted to be around me. It was quite playful really. I went to the mantelpiece in my kitchen and the monkey followed me. It opened its mouth and hinged its whole face back. Then I had a paint brush. I dipped it into the monkey’s mouth, its head had golden orange paint inside, and I started to paint small gold details onto a black remote control rectangular box that was on the mantelpiece. Then the female teacher’s husband pulled up in an old car in front of the house. I quickly ran away through the house, as I thought he might hurt me or take me to the police, and I went out of the back door. Then I woke up.

<![CDATA[Dream of a robin scratching away Covid-19 from around the lungs, 30th May 2020]]>Sun, 31 May 2020 14:05:41 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/dream-of-a-robin-scratching-away-covid-19-from-around-the-lungs-30th-may-2020
This was a very life-affirming dream. In it the dreamer was watching a robin inside a person, possibly inside the dreamer. The robin was scratching and picking with its beak and feet at black, tar-like Covid-19, all around the lungs. The robin was working to move the black Covid to a pile, so as to remove it. The robin was also looking for small worms to feed to itself. The lungs and heart could be seen as the skin was letting through some light.
The painting and discussion took about 1h45m and we discussed how in waking life at the moment, in gardens or on walks, we, including the dreamer, often see robins and they are very friendly to humans. In the dream the robin was healing the person.
The dream-sharer lives in Scotland and was waiting to go back to teaching in a school, her husband and daughter are both key workers.
<![CDATA[Dream of walking onto beach, finding new home in cliffs, then crowds arrive, 23rd May 2020]]>Mon, 25 May 2020 18:47:37 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/dream-of-walking-onto-beach-finding-new-home-in-cliffs-then-crowds-arrive-23rd-may-2020
Dream of Tom, a doctor who has been speedily graduated so as to start work on the wards. 
In the dream Tom was walking with his partner through a forest of olive trees, which led to a sunny and sandy beach. Above the cliffs at the edge of the beach was a castle, round like the chess piece. They were looking for a place to live and were told that in the cliffs there was a comfortable cave in which to live, with a TV, purple bedding on the double bed, and paintings on the wall. They lived with a young boy in this lovely environment, but the beach started to become full of holidaymakers, with some sunbathing. Security guards in yellow high vis jackets arrived, and the beach was losing all the charm it had when Tom, his partner and the boy were there alone.
In the on-line dream-sharing event we and Tom discussed the theme in the dream of becoming more responsible, which we and Tom related to his real-life sudden taking on of responsibilities. 

<![CDATA[Dream of looking out of a blue and green abalone, a paua shell, and seeing the ocean and a friendly, brown, playful seal pup, 17th May 2020]]>Mon, 25 May 2020 18:26:26 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/dream-of-looking-out-of-a-blue-and-green-abalone-a-paua-shell-and-seeing-the-ocean-and-a-friendly-brown-playful-sea-pup-16th-may-2020
The online dream-sharer here was working at a hospital in Melbourne, Australia, but in work that is not directly related to Covid-19. She is originally from New Zealand. Her dream was of slowly moving in darkness, realising that she is in a paua shell, a blue and green abalone shell, and then looking out of the side of the shell and seeing the ocean, some land in the distance, a then a playful, loving, brown seal pup. This was a very positive and joyful dream.
<![CDATA[Keyworker delivery driver dream, 2nd May 2020]]>Sun, 03 May 2020 10:29:12 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/keyworker-delivery-driver-dream-2nd-may-2020
Dream of US keyworker delivery driver Mason told online for one of our Covid Lockdown dream events. In waking life Mason was relocating across the US. Dream: 'I am trying to drive up the incline from a suburban house garage but the gears keep crashing and so I can't move into the road to join the traffic there. I release the clutch but find the car is not in gear and it moves backwards and stops. I get out to check that it did not hit the white garage door and am surprised to see that it has damaged the door badly. I get back in the car and see a man and a woman in an old white car looking at me almost with disgust. I feel embarrassed as I was not being able to drive the car, even though I should be able to do so and as it is my job to drive. The car was a brown Mazda Miata, which is not a car I drive in waking life and is a color I would not choose.'       
<![CDATA[Doctor's dream of working in office peeling quails' eggs for Covid treatment, 18th April 2020]]>Mon, 20 Apr 2020 13:34:12 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/doctors-dream-of-working-in-office-peeling-quails-eggs-for-covid-treatment
I am sitting at my desk in the hospital at work with blue medical gloves on. I have a purple woollen furry blanket from home on my lap. I am peeling quails’ eggs which are to be used to treat Covid patients. The phone rings and I am being asked lots of questions about the eggs as they are needed for patients. More eggs are being heated in a white medical bath, but they are soft and egg yolk spills when I try to crack them open. I push my red glasses up with my wrists. The phone starts ringing again but I can’t answer it as I am covered in yolk and bits of shell.
<![CDATA[Covid-19 related dream of a present of an activity pack, with Funeral Preparation Kit]]>Fri, 10 Apr 2020 12:29:56 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/second-covid-19-related-dream
I leave a room by revolving so as to get past a strap on the doorway. I go down a corridor to see my wife. She is in the next room and has a present for me on the table, a box about 30x60cm, and about 5cm thick with a clear plastic top. It has various novelties and small activities in it. In the middle is a table tennis set with green bats. On one side in the box there is an old black mobile phone, with a few other small components, and the words Funeral Preparation Kit. The kit is partly a joke rather than being serious.
[On the day before the dream the dreamer had heard of an acquaintance who had died in hospital, possibly with Covid-19.]    
<![CDATA[Dream of nurse in Covid-19 quarantine]]>Sun, 05 Apr 2020 12:00:22 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/dream-of-nurse-in-covid-19-quarantine
National Health Service nurse Libby Nolan, who is currently under quarantine with the virus and having breathing problems, shared online a nightmare she has been having. Her nightmare, had twice during her confinement, repeated but changed a nightmare she has had before. In this, she was looking through the open door of a house and could see strange trees with strange leaves and knew it was very dangerous outside and the danger would soon come into the house. She couldn't close the door as it was so large. Inside, she goes upstairs and to a large hall. A party was happening and everyone ignored her warnings and didn't look at her. She then saw a man with red trousers who is a composite of all past loves for her, he looked at her and knew what she was warning about, but with a smile looked at her to say without words that all was actually fine and that she should not worry. She went into a side room, which is a hospital room with a dead man on the bed and an old ventilator. Her deceased mother is there with a cat on her lap. The cat jumps onto Libby and onto her mouth and stops her breathing. Libby then woke up.
We are grateful to Libby for her dream, for sharing and discussing it, and for the work she has been doing and will return to for the health service. We thank also everyone worldwide who took part in the event, on Facebook Live. 
The painting is made onto two pages taken from Freud's book The Interpretation of Dreams. Online here the viewer can enlarge the painting when looking at it, so as to see details made during the two hours that the discussion and painting took place. For example, the stairs, the trees, the man at the party with his glass of red wine. The pages were chosen by Julia when she was first hearing the dream, on the basis of the shapes of the paragraphs found in Freud's book, but during the painting process she incorporates words that happen to be on the page. Some of these do have coincidental but eerie references to Libby's dream. Such as, in the trees, in reference to Libby only being acknowledged in the dream by the one man, red-trousered, who is based on her current and former loves: 'My beloved is mine, turn again to me my beloved..', and reference to her quarantine, 'sweet dove, already you are enclosed in my cavern', and on the left page (i.e, bottom half of painting) there are many medical references.

<![CDATA[Artwork with dream from November 2019 event at the Glynn Vivian art gallery]]>Sat, 21 Mar 2020 12:48:54 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/artwork-with-dream-from-event-at-glynn-vivian-art-gallery]]><![CDATA[Artwork with dream from the Swansea Science Festival event, October 2019]]>Mon, 24 Feb 2020 12:13:25 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/artwork-with-dream-from-the-swansea-science-festival-event]]><![CDATA[Goldsmiths, University of London, event for Humanistic and Psychodynamic Counselling course members, 19th February 2020]]>Mon, 24 Feb 2020 11:57:42 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/goldsmiths-university-of-london-event-for-humanistic-and-psychodynamic-counselling-course-members-19th-february-2020Dream told at event for counselling course students. Dream of escaping a tidal wave by going to a five storey building, sitting on a bed with female friend, and feeling very guilty about hitting a goat. 
<![CDATA[Copper Cost Film Festival, January 2020]]>Tue, 04 Feb 2020 15:13:12 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/copper-cost-film-festival-january-2020Dream of being confronted by a woman in class after making inapproriate remarks with four male friends.
<![CDATA[Artwork with dream from the Freud Museum London event, November 2019]]>Tue, 14 Jan 2020 16:42:27 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/artwork-with-dream-from-the-freud-museum-london-event-november-2019
Details and other dreams from the event are below. This is a dream of a 60 year old, happy in the company of people in their 30s whom he admires because they care about the planet. It is a bohemian atmosphere in the room, as they get ready for a meal. Note the appropriate words that happened to be on the pages from Freud chosen for this painting, 'I am in the company' and 'The whole dreamer back to the year of revolution.' As always, the pages are chosen for the shape of the text, paragraphs and headings, specific words are spotted and incorporated during the one hour dream discussion and painting session. The highlighted words are relevant to the dream and dreamer, and provide a serendipitous link from the event now to Freud, writing the words over 100 years ago.  
<![CDATA[ESRC Festival of Social Science, 9th November 2019, at the Freud Museum London]]>Mon, 11 Nov 2019 23:14:51 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/esrc-festival-of-social-science-9th-november-2019-at-the-freud-museum-londonThe prestigious Economic and Social Research Council included and funded us to be part of their 2019 Festival of Social Science. For this we were hosted at three venues, the Freud Museum London, RSA, and Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. The Freud Museum dreams and paintings are shown here, the other venues are below.

I am on a dark moonlit country lane. I am with a man, we are holding each other and kissing. I feel happy and excited as this is new, but I also feel something is wrong. A large car drives past with a woman driving, it is his wife. He turns around, with his back to the road, pretending to urinate. He says ‘she hasn’t seen you,’ then pushes me and tells me to walk away. I walk down the dark road and the car follows me. I see a public toilet and go in the women’s side. It is cold, horrible, with a concrete floor. I go into a cubicle and can hear her footsteps, but think she must think I am only here to use the toilet. It appears that she has gone but then I hear she is in the cubicle next to me. Suddenly there is a knock on the metal cubicle door, I open it and she is there with a smartly dressed bouncer. He is smoking and stubs out his cigarette on me. I am in pain and wake up.

In my dream I wake up. I am hovering three feet above my own body, looking down on it. My friend Kiran is hovering next to me. My body looks like a shamanic representation of a body, a rather primitive drawing. It is entirely colored in a deep green blue. I am surprised, I find myself wondering at the speed of this transformation. Next moment I am standing at the top of The Meadows in Edinburgh, looking down the lovely greens. I am holding hands with Kiran, on my left. It is a bright day. Now I find myself in a large receiving hall in a castle. The room is rather bare of decoration. A large wooden table dominates the room. At the head of the table a man is sitting, it is obvious that he is the king. I am waiting on him, bringing something to drink. He looks rather tired and melancholy and I worry for his wellness. A guest arrives, it is a young man in his thirties, with pale skin and ginger hair. I walk over to the shelves on the wall and take one of the whiskey jars that fill the shelves. I think it is the jar from the area he is coming from. It is grey stoneware and has a small violet flower on it, like heather or lavender. I pour them both a cup. I am invisible in their service. Now I find myself in the shrubbery on the edge of the castle terrain and the surrounding woods. I am on a mission to fetch something from the outbuildings, which I can see ahead of me through the leaves. I have some time so I have decided to take the longer, scenic route through the woods. I am following a deer trail. Sunlight flickers through the leaves. There are small birds flying around and squirrels. I feel relaxed and happy. I am enjoying the beauty and quiet. All of a sudden I hear a small noise in front of me and I look down the path. I see a misty sprite attacking a young boy and girl who are walking down the path, hand in hand. It looks like a dragon made of water and it hovers above the ground making figures of 8 around the children. The boy has a red sweater and blue trousers, the girl’s clothes are yellow ochre. They crumble down to the ground. I am shocked, and at the same time I realize I cannot tell anyone, as they will think I did it and they will hang me. I am in no position to speak. I walk out of the woods.

I am in a room with a group of young people. One young woman, maybe Sophie, stretches out a tea-bag over a candle to give a nice smell to the room. She goes to get food, saying that she will be back and asking me to prepare the table. Rather than setting the table I see I have to build one, as there isn’t one, and I make it with clamps taken from the futon-like sofa. A young man who may be her boyfriend helps me. I am confident in building it as I have glued tables together before. The young man has the confidence of youth, I am happy with this, not fazed even if he is clever, but in a way we are competing for confidence. I am glad we are not in a hurry. I dance, left and right, twisting my feet on their heels, twisting my hips, with my arms following my body. There are others in this bohemian room, which is all natural, raw, nothing superfluous. I feel I wake up in the room, Sophie is bringing back the food. We have nearly made the table. I am about to sand and polish it with a wood colour. We might be in a house in Greece, with whitewashed walls. The other people are soft and dreamy, not as switched on as the young man and me. I have a quiet supremacy. I am older, with more knowledge and can be generous. I admire the talents of the next generation. I am sixty but admire the young people here who are in their 30s and have understanding, which fills me with confidence that the planet will be OK. It is a relaxing dream, although with some ego.
<![CDATA[ESRC Festival of Social Science, 8th November 2019, at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Mannufactures and Commerce)]]>Mon, 11 Nov 2019 15:22:17 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/esrc-festival-of-social-science-8th-november-2019-at-the-rsa-royal-society-for-the-encouragement-of-arts-mannufactures-and-commerce
I am responding to interview requests for marketing roles I have applied for. I am cancelling each one on the phone at short notice as I think I am not competent for each post. I was walking away from each one of them as I knew I would later lose each job if I was given it. I walk away and am next in a junkyard, which is dirty and dark, with lots of litter, surrounded by a torn wire fence with a wire gate. There is a full open tin of biscuits at the wire gate. I grab some but am stopped from getting more by a green snake sliding along the fence, protecting the tin. I am petrified, the snake is sliding [/ pacing] up and down, partially upright, on the other side of the fence, just outside the gate, staring at me. On the other side of the fence there are shrubs. I run away and am then in the family home, but it is a junkyard house, very messy, with brown linoleum, an old brown sofa and old worn furniture. There is clothes and rubbish on the floor. Even my normally tidy bedroom is messy because my sister has intentionally thrown about my clothes, so it now looks like a squat, with my basic clothes, some blues and reds, looking like rags. In the living room there is my sister, with short, curly, dark brown hair, khaki trousers and pink and red scarf, my mum, my dad, with black hair and navy blue jacket, and my other two sisters with dark longer hair. I am upset that no-one cares about the mess in my room, even though they are listening to me, and I cause a scene.

It is the morning with a red sky. I am in the school library and see at the edge of my vision a brilliant white shape, like a wolf. I can see it if I don’t directly look at it. As the day goes on I go into the school corridor, and then outside in the school courtyard, and the wolf gets darker, becoming grey. All this time I interact with others in the school, some of whom are school friends and some non-school friends, some talking, but all without movement. I am then in a field at night, very dark, with outlined, slightly swaying trees, and the wolf is now black. I hear a sharp intake of breath and feel like on a roller coaster, and I wake up.

<![CDATA[ESRC Festival of Social Science, 3rd November 2019, at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea]]>Mon, 11 Nov 2019 15:13:22 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/esrc-festival-of-social-science-november-2019-glynn-vivian-art-gallery
I am in a railway siding at night. An elderly woman is there, squatting down, and she calls to me. I think she is my grandmother. I get scared and jump into the air and fly high above the earth. I realise that I am flying and feel exuberant and then travel to famous landmarks. I land on top of the Eiffel Tower, and the Pyramids, and see Mount Fuji. Then as I keep flying I suddenly see that a tree is flying with me, using its branches to fly. It looks kindly at me and I feel a sense of companionship with it when I suddenly notice that it has worms in its branches which start to eat the branches and then its body. They then notice me and reach out towards me to try to grab and eat me.  I fly away from the tree as fast as I can but can feel the worms still chasing me, though I don’t look back. Just then the sun starts to rise and I start to fall towards the earth and just before I crash down I wake up.

I am watching the Glastonbury festival, and am surprised to see on the main stage my boss, who, despite her age, is dancing and doing acrobatics while singing. She is wearing a lion suit, which covers all of her body except for her face, which I can see. My work colleagues are at the front of the audience, all wearing their blue uniforms, and they greatly enjoy the performance; they were expecting to see her. For me it is like watching it on a television, I am not there and can see shots of it from different directions.

Dream from childhood of witches near our home at night, and in morning in school bus watching shop explode

<![CDATA[Swansea Science Festival, October 2019]]>Mon, 11 Nov 2019 15:06:46 GMThttp://dreamsid.com/gallery-of-dreams-and-artworks/november-11th-2019Two dreams were told, discussed and painted in the lounge of the Noahs Yard cafe bar in Uplands, the buzzing cafe quarter of Swansea, which is the area where Dylan Thomas was born. With wonderful audience participation for this evening event!
I am driving on a motorway or American freeway, with lots of lanes. All is grey. My daughter is in the passenger seat on the left. There is a grey bridge ahead and under it the road is blocked by some cars. I stop before getting to them and get out of my car, going round to the passenger side. There is a group of young men, who are from Swansea. One man sprays petrol on my car, and strikes a match to set fire to it. I try to stop him, saying he will kill my daughter. They say they are doing this as she wouldn’t go out with one of them, or be friends.

I am on the slope of a hillside looking down on trees. I see some water on the right and walk towards it and realise it is a brightly shining railway line. Walking down the slope I see lots of people and they ask questions to me out loud. People are looking at me for my reaction, it is a challenge that will be on a TV programme. I have to choose if it is to be this challenge in the woodland. I see my friend Jayne, a friend from when I was three, and consult her on the decision. I say that ‘at last I get to work with you on this, we will work here,’ and I accept the challenge. I then run back up the bank, and to stop myself falling backwards I grip the bottom of a small white window frame. Through it I can see a steep drop and at the bottom another railway line. I am then lying in bed in what feels like my brother’s old bedroom. I put a triangle of pillows behind me, making a V-shape, so I can lie back upright. On the wall there is a large incomplete illustration in pencil of two women. I want to draw them, copying it, and am concentrating on doing the details of the arm and hands.